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 Welcome to the home of 
 Ottawa's most accurate weather forecast. 

Who Are We?

We're an Ottawa based meteorological group that provides one stop shop weather solutions for local businesses, schools, and industries.

Our reliable and accurate forecasts, combined with our investment in local weather technologies, such as, our snowfall and lightning detection network, has made us the undisputed weather leader in Ottawa.

From our offices in Ottawa, our team of weather experts monitors the weather 24 hours a day. If a snowflake hits the ground, a bolt of lightning strikes a field, or a wind gust takes down a tree; you can bet we're watching it.

If you're a snow clearing company that needs accurate snowfall measurements around the clock, an outdoor festival that requires lightning monitoring, or anything in between; we have solutions in place for every type of business or event.

Got a question for us? Can we help your business? Have an event you want us to watch? We invite you to get in touch with us today!